Basic package includes : 

• 1 x Beard Butler device.  
• 2 x extra micro combs.

The Beard Bulter spray pump is designed to spray water-based solutions ONLY. DO NOT USE PUMP SPRAY WITH BEARD OIL. 

Device Only ( pewter or copper )

  • Beard Butler is an all-new, portable device that combines an antibacterial mirco-spray with a micro-beard comb. The Beard Butler grooming tool is an all-in-one compact device that is with you wherever you are; the complete tool to keep your beard clean, fresh and maintained when you need it. 

    Designed in Canada, the Beard Butler is precision machined from a single block of military grade aluminum.

     • Patent pending design.
     • Replaceable attachments.

     • Modular design.
     • Easy to clean. 

     • Warranty.